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ZOOLingual IconThis ZOO extensions is very versatil and handy multilingual extension. Let me show you few ways of using it.

Just use the Language Switcher and see how the content changes. Displayed languages are taken directly from Joomla's installed languages

Language Switcher

ZOO is the best Joomla's CCK, and is MultiLingual!!

Written by Jane Q. Public on Thursday, 11 March 2010. Posted in Web Design

Now your websites in ZOO can speak more than 50 languages

Saying that this element is the first one we made, explains how much we all needed it...

Before ZOOlingual there was no easy way to have our ZOO Apps in other language. None translation component is "integrated" with ZOO and controlling the content display, two or more times... makes me think that I'm working for my website... and it for me... :-/

Hw, all that is gone now. There is no need to be afraid for languages any more, if Joomla! has it, ZOO can have it! Nice, eh?

Want to know where you can use ZOOlingual and where not¿?, check the spanish translation of this item ;)

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